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Despite their similar histomorphological appearance the salivary gland- and the breast-derived forms differ in their clinical features: while ACC of the salivary glands sACC have an agressive clinical course, the breastderived form bACC shows a very favourable clinical outcome.

To date no exact molecular alterations have yet been identified which would explain the diverse clinical features of the ACCs of different origin.

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Kiss : B. Székely : A. Szász : J. Kiss e-mail: okiss med. By target predictor online databases potential targets of the these microRNAs were detected to identify genes that may play central role in the diverse cinical outcome of bACC and sACC cases. Keywords Adenoid cystic carcinoma. Salivary gland Introduction Adenoid cystic carcinoma ACC is a malignant tumor which can derive from different sites of the body such as salivary glands, prostate, vagina, cervix, lacrimal gland, skin or breast [1—6].

Although in the past some authors handled TNBCs as a uniform entity, e. Despite of its similar histopathologic appearance Fig. As none of the previously described molecular features at gene and protein level explain the different clinical outcome of adenoid cystic carcinomas of different origins, the question emerged if underlying posttranscriptional mechanisms could partially elucidate these diversities.

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Although basically miRNAs are gene repressors, rarely they also can serve as activators of genes such as miR [14] or miR [15]. By the posttranscriptional regulation of genes miRNAs are involved in numerous physiological functions embryogenesis [16, 17], glucose or lipid metabolism [18] and they also play central role in cardiovascular diseases or metabolic syndrome [19].

In the last decades, miRNAs have been identified as very important participants in different types of cancers as well [20—22] and so, they can be used as diangostic or therapeutic tools in malignant tumors [23, 24].

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As the expression of miRNAs show tissue-specific expression, breast- and salivary gland-derived adenoid cystic carcinomas may express miRNAs differently which may serve as further explanation for the extreme clinical outcome of the two tumors. In our pilot experiment, we performed microRNA-profiling on breast- and salivary gland derived ACC cases to elucidate underlying differences between these tumors.

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After identifying miRNAs which were differently expressed in the tumors of the two organs, miRNA target prediction was performed to elucidate underlying posttranscriptional mechanisms which could potentially explain the extreme clinical outcome of adenoid cystic carcinoma of salivary glands and the breast.

Kiss et al. Two consultant pathology departments contributed to our investigations by sending breast-derived adenoid cystic carcinoma cases for consultation purpose.

One of the salivary gland-derived ACCs arose from minor salivary glands of the maxillar sinus, another from the submandibular gland.

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Pathomorphological characteristics of the cases are shown in Table 1. As controls we have investigated healthy breast tissue from plastic surgery material and healthy submandibular salivary gland tissue from a woman who underwent radical neck dissection. Representative areas of the tumors were chosen for miRNA expression profiling after pathological evaluation of the slides. Macrodissection was needed only in bACC cases elimination of adjacent non-tumorous tissue.

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The expression level of the miRNAs correlated with the grade of hybridization of each sample. Hybridization rate was made detectable by the presence of streptavidin-phycoerythrin complex which was bound to the biotin-labelled RNA. Hierarchial clustering was performed and heatmap was displayed using Genesis 1.

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The averaged photointensity binary logarithm values of miRNAs in tumorous tissues was normalized to the photointensity in their normal control. IPA® analysis was performed on those 57 microRNAs which were present in each investigated sample, while online target prediction was only accomplished on those microRNAs which differed in breast- and pleomorphic adenoma histology labelled gland-derived tissues and on those which were only present or only absent in sACC cases.

To define which of these 57 microRNAs differed consistently between breast- and Prostate 2 szakasz gland-derived tissues Genesis hierarchial clustering analysis was performed. IPA® is a web-based, comprehensive database that integrates all published data of genes, proteins, chemicals and drugs. According to this type of analysis the diverse expression of the 57 miRNAs in breast- and salivary gland-derived cases may potentially affect different intracellular pathways.

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The flowsheet of our whole procedure is depicted in Fig. Green: overexpressed accoring to its normal control. Table pleomorphic adenoma histology labelled summarizes those genes that were present as the targets of more than one microRNA, and in Table 5 those genes were collected that were presented as the targets of one single miRNA.

Multiply regulated target genes and their regulator miRNAs are depicted in Fig. The analized microRNAs and their potential targets genes are summarized in Tables 6 and 7, where the already published information of the potential targets and there genes are also indicated.

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Discussion Although adenoid cystic carcinoma of the breast is histomorphologically identical with the ACC of salivary glands, the clinical outcome of these tumors differ.